Of course, projects are different and so the process might be different. But I have a general process that I go by to polish your work to make it the best it can be. 

The Process

1. I skim through to get the overall feel of the work: the length and such. 

2. Next, I do a general check for any common errors like spacing and quick inconsistencies. 

3. Then, I get more detailed and read it all the way through, and I mark and comment as I go.

4. Then, I go through the work again in detail to be certain I didn’t miss anything. 

5. Finally, I go through my checklist to make certain that I didn’t miss anything like misspelled words, homophones, and punctuation errors. 

After the final check, I send it back to you with comments, suggestions, red flags, and such. 


Just tell me about your project and I’ll get back with you shortly.